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About Us

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The idea originated in Moscow found implementation in Rostov

November 22, Pushkinskaya street 57, we opened our doors. Our main goal is to acquaint Rostov-on-Don with the works of contemporary artists. More than 300 works from private Moscow collections are already represented in our gallery. Until the end of 2018, you will be able to see the paintings of Nikolai Charugin, a participant in the Bulldozer exhibition. One of the most famous public actions in the USSR. His work traced the attitude and the outlook of a man at the end of the 20th century. One of the gems of our exhibition are the paintings of Tatyana YAN, she draws famous performances, paints temples, participates in exhibitions.

We hope that the gallery will become a center that accumulates and spreads knowledge about contemporary Russian art. Our collection includes works of modern art from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. One can find cloths in the styles of realism, abstraction, surrealism, postmodernism in our gallery.

We conceived to create such a place where you can find not only pictures, but also talk, listen to a lecture, meet people, reconfigure your neural networks. Just open the door, get out of the traumatic situation of a big city, financial turbulence and enter another world ...

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Master classes in painting


Framing Workshop


You do not need a ticket

At any convenient time you can visit our gallery for free.


Visiting the gallery, lectures, master classes, will help you reach a new level of perception of art.

Getting inspiration

Life, death, passion, beauty, each picture will tell about its history

Escape from the city

Take time out and go into the personal reality tunnel


Cultivation is synonymous with success

Rent space in the art gallery

Conducting corporate events, seminars, training. Conducting business meetings, meetings. Private evenings for VIP clients

All Gallery

«Riga evening»




"Portrait of Androgyne with a brooch"


"Pig and Plato Bust"




"Girl with a red earring"


«On the topic of Aivazovsky»


"Still life"


"Hunting last flight"


«Northern Summer»


«Bathing a red elephant»



If you like the picture from the private collection, and you want to decorate your interior,

we will contact the collectors directly and help you get a fair price.



Rostov-on-Don Pushkinskaya 57

Working hours:

Tues-Sun from 10:00 to 17:00

Monday is a day off 

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